Volunteering programme response to COVID-19

Volunteering programme response to COVID-19

Volunteering during the Coronavirus pandemic

The Scottish Government launched the new Scotland Cares campaign on 30 March to encourage people to volunteer during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. After succeffuly registering 76,00 people through the campaign, recruitment has been paused.  The guidance remains to stay at home wherever possible.


Please keep safe and follow Scottish Government guidelines to protect our communities and those working in our health and social care services. Thank you.

In light of the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, the Volunteering in NHS Scotland Programme is adapting to meet the demands of NHS boards' volunteering programmes and prioritising response.  We are also supporting Scottish Government and UK Government in the development and information gathering for the Emergency Placement Scheme (Emergency Volunteering Leave).


This includes:

  • holding meetings of the National Group for Volunteering in NHSScotland via teleconference
  • guidance to NHS boards on how to respond to the COVID-19 situation
  • COVID-19 Volunteering Information System webinars
  • reviewing Volunteering Information System users, and communication to Strategic Leads on how we can support them and their use of, and access to, the Volunteering Information System
  • drafting in additional staff to support the Programme Team
  • teleconference calls and webinars for volunteer managers and strategic leads to share practice and developments

The Programme workplan has been reviewed and prioritised. The status of each project is reviewed weekly and subject to change.

As of 2 June 2020, the following are active (but may be limited by capacity):

  • Provide developmental and strategic support to NHS Boards
  • Provide the Volunteering Information System and ensure development in line with feedback from stakeholders
  • National Group for Volunteering in NHSScotland meetings
  • Communications (e.g. e-newsletters)
  • HF4 Develop and spread new and innovative volunteer roles
  • Engagement with the Scottish Volunteering Forum
  • Clear Pathway Reference Group meetings
  • Internal and external reporting

The following projects are paused:

  • HF1 Streamlining the volunteer recruitment process
  • HF2 Volunteer peer support pilot
  • HF3 Embedding of evaluation throughout volunteer engagement programmes
  • HFEOLC Support the delivery of volunteering projects in end of life care
Last Updated: 09 June 2020