Once your problem is problem clearly stated, you are in a good position to create possible solutions.

  • Co-create multiple ideas by involving people with different perspectives, knowledge and expertise.
  • Be expansive and ambitious in your thinking – do not pre-judge ideas.
  • Cluster ideas to identify potential solutions.
  • Prioritise solutions relating to key criteria with service user needs at the centre. Create visual and engaging prototypes to test solutions as early as possible.
  • Use the feedback to refine solutions before going through the loop again.


Key Topics

Make sense of the data and pinpoint the right problem before moving onto solutions

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Use this summary to see if you have what you need for this stage

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Start with the why, and then select the tool

There are a wide range of tools available for each stage of the design process. It is important to think about what you seek to achieve and then to find or create a tool that would help you to do that.

You can find a full list of tools in the Tool Directory, but here are some suggestions to get you started in Develop:

How Might We

'How Might We' statements help turn insights into opportunities for design.

Idea generation

Ideation or idea generation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas by involving users, stakeholders and staff.

The goal is to aim for large sets of ideas and to seek for quantity over quality.

Service blueprint

A service blueprint is a visualisation of an entire service delivery.

It is a representation how a service is delivered, end to end, front to back and across channels.


Stages of the Double Diamond

Creating the conditions

In our programmes at Healthcare Improvement Scotland, we learned that it is important to build readiness for change, identify the right people to be involved, and to plan effectively

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Understand the challenge space

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Develop insight to clarify what you will focus on

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Introduce the service in phases, optimising the design before full scale launch

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Last Updated: 13 December 2023