Tips for online meetings

Tips for online meetings

Online meetings and events have become the norm. How can we make sure they are engaging and accessible for everyone taking part?

Over the past few months we've been learning through trial and error how to make our own online meetings better. We'll share what we've learned, and also link to other guides and resources that we have found useful.

Have you got other tips you'd like us to share? Please let us know!

Be prepared

The number one tip for successful online meetings is to be prepared – even more so that you would need to be for face-to-face meetings. Test your set-up to make sure you know how to use breakout rooms, display presentations and interact with participants.

  1. Have several people supporting the event
  2. Send out information beforehand
  3. Remind people about the meeting
  4. Be careful about inadvertently sharing data

Video transcript: be prepared (PDF 452 KB)

Involve everyone

A successful online meeting involves everyone.

  1. Log on 30 minutes early
  2. Create a welcoming environment
  3. Start with an icebreaker
  4. Give clear instructions and housekeeping information
  5. Introduce the speakers
  6. Asking questions
  7. Be strict about having breaks
  8. Keep the meeting short

Video transcript: involve everyone (PDF 444 KB)

Learn from the experience

Running a successful online meeting doesn’t stop when the meeting ends.

  1. Save what you need
  2. Follow up with participants
  3. Involve everyone, especially those who were unable to take part during the meeting
  4. Ask participants how you can make it better
  5. Learn from your experiences
  6. Share your learning with us
Last Updated: 1 October 2020