Comments cards

Comments cards

Comments cards are a simple and low cost way for service users to write down and post their thoughts and/or feedback.

  • Time to do: Minimal
  • Staff: Needed for set-up and maintenance
  • Cost£
  • Equipment: Box(es) or posters, pens, cards (possibly pre-printed)
  • one-to-one
  • small groups
  • large groups
  • at a distance

How to do it

  • Provide pens and small cards. Cards can be pre-printed with a question or the question can be displayed nearby.
  • Depending on whether it is appropriate or desirable to display feedback, completed cards could be placed in a box, added to a poster (using sticky notes) or hung on a comment tree.
  • Be creative about where the cards are posted or displayed. This could encourage participation by its informal or user-friendly manner.
  • Place box or poster in a well-used area but with some privacy.


  • A straightforward way for service users to have an input
  • Has the potential to gain feedback from a large number of people
  • Can be anonymous if posting in a box


  • Someone must be responsible for ensuring pens and cards are replenished and remain available, as well as for general tidiness.
  • Could exclude those with specific communication needs.


Last Updated: 29 March 2021