Video Feedback

Video Feedback

Video feedback is a response-gathering method where organisations can request feedback from event or survey participants, screen job candidates or gather information in a video format.

There are lots of ways to do this. You can use a dedicated online service designed for recording and hosting videos, ask people to record videos on their own smartphone and submit to a central mailbox, or set up a digital camera in a quiet spot at an event.

  • Time to do: only takes a couple of minutes to record a video; can take several hours to edit multiple videos together
  • Staff: depends on the method used. Particpants can usually record their own video themselves but may require staff time to edit
  • Cost: £ to £££
  • Equipment: can use participants' own devices, such as a smartphone, or a dedicated video camera, tripod and microphone. Editing requires specialist software, which may be free or paid-for
  • individuals
  • small groups
  • one-to-one
  • at a distance

How to do it

  • Develop the question(s) you would like to ask participants in advance
  • Choose a video feedback platform that is suitable for your project.
  • Design your project and record an introduction video which explains the process to participants
  • If asking multiple questions choose the most appropriate answer type for each question e.g. video response, audio response, multiple choice etc.
  • Pilot your project with a sample group before making any final changes
  • Ensure you let participants know how the information gathered will be used and seek the appropriate permissions for your project
  • Share your request to participants via email link, website etc.
  • Review, discuss and share the feedback received


There are a wide variety cloud-based platforms and software available which support video feedback.  An internet search will identify the most popular tools.

Video feedback can also be gathered without the need for specialist software by using a smartphone or the recording function on a video call. There are many options to edit your own videos and produce simple animations. There are organisations that provide training to enable you to do this with more confidence.


  • Video feedback feels more personal and interactive
  • You can both see and hear useful feedback which can make it more engaging and easier to understand
  • Feedback can be gathered remotely from participants in a place they feel most comfortable
  • Allows you to collect responses in the same place, in the same format
  • Video can be edited and hosted on a website, shown at future events


  • There may be cost implications for using some video feedback tools
  • Not all participants will feel confident being recorded
  • Participants may not have access to smart device and Wifi access is required
  • Some video feedback platforms require the user to create an account
  • Staff require some skills to edit videos

Tip - think about audio as well

An alternative to collecting video feedback might be to record participants' voices only. This still allows them to tell their story in their own words, but helps to preserve anonymity.

Recorded audio can be combined with animation or images at a later date.

Last Updated: 18 January 2024