Quality Framework for Community Engagement and Participation

Quality Framework for Community Engagement and Participation

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Care Inspectorate have worked with stakeholders to develop a draft Quality Framework for Community Engagement and Participation.

The Quality Framework for Community Engagement and Participation will support NHS boards, local authorities and Integration Joint Boards to carry out effective community engagement and demonstrate how they are meeting their statutory duties for public involvement.

It is aligned to Planning with People: community engagement and participation guidance published by the Scottish Government and COSLA.

The framework identifies, supports and assures engagement activity within organisations in relation to 3 domains:

  1. routine ongoing engagement
  2. specific engagement activities relating to service planning and design
  3. internal governance systems for community engagement activity

It provides a framework to help senior management, operational staff and service leads within health and care services – and those externally quality assuring and inspecting them – to understand what good quality community engagement looks like, and how well how their organisation is carrying out its engagement functions.

Health and care services will complete a self-evaluation, which should focus on outcomes rather than activities. This could include a description of the impact of engagement, changes made as a result of feedback, or information on how potential impact is being monitored.

Organisations completing the self-evaluation should consider public representative input to this process, and the relevant governance or committee structure to provide oversight.

We recommend that public representatives play an active role in completing the self-evaluation and identifying areas for improvement.

The self-evaluation statements are published jointly by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and the Care Inspectorate. They are the result of contributions from, and wide-ranging consultation with, colleagues across health and social care services and other key partners.

The Quality Framework is an improvement tool, developed in collaboration with, and for the use of health and social care providers. It has been designed to support reflection and self-evaluation, which is an important first stage in any quality improvement journey. The input so far from engagement practitioners across territorial boards, special boards and health and social care partnerships to the development of these materials has been particularly valuable.

We are now testing the draft materials and will launch later in 2022. 

Please contact us at - his.engageservicechange@nhs.scot

Last Updated: 28 June 2022