Creative methods for engagement

Event date: 23 November 2021

Event time: 11:00 am to 12:15 pm

  • Led by Elizabeth Gardiner (University of the West of Scotland) and Hilda Campbell (COPE Scotland)

In this webinar we showcase 2 projects which use more creative methods of engagement. Elizabeth Gardiner highlights how artists used artwork to engage female carers. Hilda Campbell will talk about how the Jigsaw Lid concept of engagement was used to engage conversations around gambling harm.

Woven in Govan

  • Elizabeth Gardiner - University of the West of Scotland

This presentation explores the role of artists as facilitators and enablers, and unpacks the methods they employ. Woven in Govan was an artist-led community intervention designed to deliver engagement and transformation of the narrative around women who care, either in formal settings (such as nurses) or informally in their families and communities.

Seven socially-engaged artists gathered a variety of stories and experiences of women in these crucial roles. The artists responded to those experiences with artworks placed in the public realm (in the streets, parks and cafes of Govan). Thought provoking and gently challenging policy, this kind of action works subliminally. It engages symbolism. It touches, moves and inspires. And, with a resulting manifesto for change the ambition is to influence policy in the longer term.

Elizabeth is a PhD candidate with the University of the West of Scotland, supervised by Professor Katarzyna Kosmala and Graham Jeffrey.

The Jigsaw Lid for conversations to reduce gambling harms

  • Hilda Campbell - COPE Scotland

At the Participation Research Network event last year Hilda presented on The Jigsaw Project, a GP-cluster-led partnership initiative to co-design new pathways of intervention in mental health with people with lived experience and COPE Scotland. The Jigsaw Project helped facilitate honest and courageous conversations across traditional divides, finding solutions to some of the shared challenges being faced using the principles of shared decision making.

In this presentation, Hilda will talk about how the Jigsaw Lid concept of engagement was adapted to conversations around gambling harms and the change which came from these conversations.

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