Young people co-designing Technology Enabled Care

Event date: 25 November 2020

Event time: 10.30am to 11.30am

Young people co-designing Technology Enabled Care


Young people's voices are often left out of conversations and decision-making around public services like healthcare, despite being current patients, carers, workers and students. At Young Scot we believe that young people's views are vital in creating comprehensive services that work for everyone, and that young people should be empowered to question, explore, and be bold and creative in solving problems and suggesting new directions.

Following a pilot project in 2018, Young Scot are working with a strategic participation panel, called TECScot, of 20 young people, on behalf of Scottish Government, to look at how digital technology could improve young people's health and wellbeing in Scotland. The young volunteers are being supported through Young Scot's co-design process to focus on how technology can support person-centred care, and sustain and improve services for the future. Our co-design approach ensures that young people are given the tools to articulate their expertise and knowledge, and the opportunities to put their skills to use.

This presentation described Young Scot's co-design process and how they are supporting young volunteers to change systems, prototype ideas and get involved in service development.

Presenter biography

Ellie Snape is a Co-design Officer at Young Scot, where she leads on project delivery for a variety of youth participation projects currently including TECScot, HistoricScot and NHS Lothian Youth Panel. She supports young people to voice their ideas and tackle problems using design tools, empowering them to influence decision-makers and policy. Ellie has a background in youth work, student engagement and training, and is interested in new and creative forms of youth engagement, prototyping and collaboration.

This webinar was part of our Participation Research Network miniseries. Our annual Participation Research Network event brings together speakers on topics relating to participation, public involvement, person-centred care and co-production in health and social care. Th 2020 event was due to take place in March but was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. We are now running a small series of webinars for the main presenters to share their work.

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