Background to the Jury

Background to the Jury

The Chief Medical Officer’s 2014-15 annual report, Realistic Medicine, called for changes in the way care is delivered in Scotland. This included reducing harm and waste, managing risk better, reducing unnecessary variation and making care more personalised. A key focus was on shared decision-making, where decisions about a person’s care or treatment are made jointly between health or social care professionals and the individual, or others supporting their care.

The follow up 2015-16 annual report, Realising Realistic Medicine, set out the Scottish Government’s plans to hold a citizens’ jury which would explore the issues further.

In partnership with Shared Future CIC we convened an Our Voice Citizens’ Jury which looked at the issue of shared decision-making. A literature review was carried out in May 2017 to find out how juries have been used in Scotland and in other countries.

Work on the jury process started in June 2018. An Oversight Panel – including policy leads from Scottish Government, health and social care as well as service users from third sector organisations – ensured the process was rigorous, and an Implementation Group helped guide the project logistics.

Citizens' Jury

Last Updated: 29 March 2021