Citizens' Jury report

Citizens' Jury report

In the autumn of 2018 a diverse group of Scottish citizens gathered over 3 days to consider shared decision-making in health and social care.

The 24 citizens shared ideas, opinions and experiences and questioned expert commentators before attempting to reach a consensus.

The final report documents the process followed and lists - in the participants’ own words - their 13 recommendations, which fall under 6 themes:

  • informing, educating and preparing patients to ask questions about their care
  • creating a culture of shared decision-making including adequate finances, resources and support
  • the organisation of appointments
  • training for professionals
  • advocacy
  • patient information and records

The Citizens' Jury presented its 13 recommendations at an event in Dundee on 6 February 2019 to the Chief Medical Officer and other key stakeholders in health and social care. These stakeholders discussed the implications of the recommendations, and a summary of the discussions is included in this report.

Our Voice Citizens’ Jury on Shared Decision-Making - final report
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Publication date: March 2019


The Scottish Government committed to carefully consider each of the Jury's recommendations and reply to them all, either with a commitment to action or an explanation as to why that recommendation could not be taken forward. The Scottish Government's response to the recommendations has been published on the Realistic Medicine website.

Last Updated: 29 March 2021