Gathering views

Gathering views

Gathering views on community audiology services

The Scottish Government asked us to gather views from service users and people with lived experience of hearing loss in Scotland who currently use NHS audiology services on the delivery of, and access to, NHS audiology services. The Scottish Government has made a commitment to work with stakeholders to deliver enhanced community audiology services and testing, and it wanted to find out people's views as part of the scoping stage of this work.

We organised 3 discussion groups with service users in different areas of the country, as well as a session with national third sector organisations who help and support people with a hearing loss in Scotland. We also carried out 31 one-to-one interviews in those NHS Board areas which were not hosting a discussion group, so that we could achieve a Scotland-wide approach. A total of 80 service users and national third sector organisation representatives participated in the discussion groups or one-to-one interviews.

We also held a discussion session with 15 national See Hear leads and gathered feedback from the Scottish Audiology Heads of Service Group that represents the Audiology Services of NHSScotland.

This report, Gathering views on community audiology services, describes our engagement with the service users and staff and summarises the comments and views we received.

We would like to thank all the participants who shared their views on community audiology services and their suggestions for improvement, and deafscotland (formerly known as the Scottish Council on Deafness) for assisting us in identifying third sector participants for discussion groups.

Gathering Views on Community Audiology Services
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This report has been shared with the Scottish Government to inform the initial scoping stage of the work it is doing to deliver its commitment to work with stakeholders to deliver enhanced community audiology services and testing.

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