Voices Scotland training

Voices Scotland training

Voices Scotland is a free and flexible workshop that supports individuals and groups to explore issues that are important to them.

The training provides people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to have their voices heard in shaping local and national health and social care services. It was described by a Chief Medical Officer as the Gold Standard in patient and carer involvement.

Originally developed by Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, these tools and techniques could be useful to many individuals and community groups across health and social care.

The sessions can be delivered locally to you by staff from our network of engagement offices as a single workshop or a series of sessions.

The aim of the Voices Scotland training is that people attending will:

  • have a general understanding of how the NHS and associated organisations work in Scotland
  • understand the role of a Public Representative and how to carry out the role effectively
  • recognise how to work effectively with professionals by being aware of how personal experiences can influence this process
  • understand the benefits and barriers to public involvement in the health and social care
  • demonstrate the type of communication skills required to effectively influence change
  • have contact details of the relevant local professionals
  • know how to access national and local resources and how to use these to obtain credibility and influence change
  • know where to get support to access these resources
  • identify issues which need to be addressed and be able to present these in a logical order

We cover a wide range of topics in the training. You can also tailor the session towards the needs of your group.

Speak to us about which topics you are most interested in exploring:

  • Understanding the barriers and benefits of engagement
  • How to identify issues and influence change
  • How to access relevant professionals in health and social care
  • How to be an effective public representative
  • How to identify issues and influence change
  • Recognising the benefits of working with health and care professionals
  • Developing¬†effective communications skills and styles to influence change
  • How the NHS and other organisations work
  • How personal experiences can influence engagement
  • Health and Social Care Standards

To find out more and arrange a session, please contact our local staff.

Last Updated: 25 May 2020