Case for change

Drawing on experiences and what has been discussed in the sessions, constructing a case for improving​

Aims of this session 

  • To be able to construct and present a logical case, that is supported by appropriate research and evidence, in order to seek solutions and improvements to services.
  • To feel confident in presenting this case in a way that could influence change.

What we do

In this session we focus in on one issue that participants would like to tackle, questioning how they know this issue exists and what more do we need to know about it.

We consider the impact of this issue for individuals, communities as well as staff and what the benefits may be in addressing it for both groups.

We draw on and explore the benefits of using national standards, documents and guidance along with local guidelines and strategies where relevant.

Crucially we focus on what participants want to change, which is often something that can be missed but this enables us to consider solutions to the problems or issues being encountered.

Last Updated: 26 July 2022