Engaging senior sponsors and partners

Engaging senior sponsors and partners

Support from senior sponsors and decision-makers will enable you the time and resources to work differently. Early and regular communication to develop these relationships is important. 

Consider your approach to partnerships and collaboration from the beginning. The Technology Enabled Care Transforming Local Systems pathfinders found that developing effective and equal partnerships between the Health and Social Care Partnerships and community services from the beginning made important contributions to delivering better outcomes.

At this stage you should carry out stakeholder mapping and begin to develop your communications plan. You should continue to refine them throughout the project as your understanding of the challenge and people develops.  

Resources to support stakeholder mapping, engagement and communications planning


Resource Source

What is it and what is it for?

Stakeholder Map

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Helps make all the various people and organisations that form part of the ecosystem, visible to the team.

System Mapping Healthcare Improvement Scotland Systemic design integrates systems thinking and human-centred design, with the intention of helping designers cope with complex- aka wicked problems through design projects that foster system change
Stakeholder analysis tool Quality Improvement Zone, NHS Education for Scotland  Requires TURAS Login: This simple stakeholder analysis tool can be used to inform project and communications planning. 
Communication and engagement plan Quality Improvement Zone, NHS Education for Scotland  Requires TURAS Login: This communication and engagement planning framework can be used with the Stakeholder Analysis Tool. 


Last Updated: 13 December 2023