Use this summary to see if you have what you need for this stage of your design process.

Each stage has a series of statements which reflect where you should be by the end of the stage. This summary can help you identify any areas where you might need to focus. 

At the end of each stage, you should share progress and learning. You can use this document to summarise this activity, and to make note of any data or knowledge repositories you created. 

  1. We have created a plan to implement the service in stages and are working towards a full scale roll out.  
  2. We have selected stakeholders to test the early version of the service to capture any issues and problems.  #
  3. We have identified and created resources to help people use the service easily.  
  4. We have continued to gather feedback from across different stakeholder groups to capture opportunities for improvement.  
  5. We have piloted the service with internal and external teams that connect with the service to ensure compatibility with other services.  
  6. We have ensured all relevant stakeholders have used the service and provided feedback as needed.   
  7.  We have created and are delivering a communications plan to ensure all service users, delivery staff and partners have the information they need about the service.  
  8. We have tailored key messages to be relevant to the needs of each stakeholder group and provided in the format they prefer.  
  9. We continue to gather data to monitor the effectiveness of the service and to identify where improvements can be made.   
  10. We have planned an evaluation process to evidence the impact of the service.


Checkpoint – Sharing progress 

To help us keep track of the process and brief new team members, at the end of this stage, we have summarised what we have done, what we have learned and what will happen next.  

We have shared this with our team, key people in the wider organisation, and our partners to ensure we are all on the same page and clear on the management and governance of the project. 

Last Updated: 13 December 2023