Key Topics

Key Topics

How to maximise the success of your service 

Increase the chances of success by phasing the roll out of the service. Gather feedback to optimise the experience before full scale implementation.


Prepare a roll out plan

Validate your service and reduce the possibility of failure through a controlled pilot launch and a staged roll out of the service.  

  • What are the clearly defined goals for the service? 
  • What are the key performance indicators? 
  • What representative sample groups will be invited to take part in the pilot phase? 
  • How long will the pilot phase run? 
  • When will full scale implementation take place? 
  • What communications, training and resources will you create to onboard users and familiarise them with the new service?


Test with a range of stakeholders

Gather holistic feedback on your service as it is experienced by the breadth of key stakeholders. Test for compatibility with internal and external teams.  

  • Do you have a plan for how you will run user testing sessions: how many sessions, how long will they last, where will they take place, how will they be structured? 
  • What information do you need to know? 
  • How will the information be gathered, stored and analysed? 
  • How will you engage with wider stakeholder groups including delivery staff, connected internal departments and external partners? 
  • Have you reviewed your stakeholder map to ensure that all relevant individuals and groups have the opportunity to feed back?

Create a Communications Plan

Help service users, delivery staff and partners engage with the service in a smooth and effective way by providing key messages in accessible formats.  

  • What key information and messages does each stakeholder group need to know? 
  • What information and resources are needed by different user groups to help them positively engage with the service quickly and easily? 
  • What supporting information and guidance is needed for delivery staff, connected services and external stakeholders? 
  • What format will the communications and resources take: print, in person, online, video, etc? 
  • What training is necessary to ensure service delivery is effective and efficient? 

Keep on track 

Ensure that your service meets its objectives and that any issues are picked up quickly and resolved. Gather evidence of success to inspire others. 

  • What data should be gathered to evidence how well the service is working for users, delivery partners, connected services, and the organisation?  
  • Who will be responsible for gathering, analysing and responding to the data? 
  • What impacts do you want to demonstrate for key stakeholder groups such as service users, delivery partners, connected services and the organisation?  
  • How often will evaluation of the service take place? 
  • Will the evaluation be conducted by an independent organisation? 
Last Updated: 13 December 2023