Participation groups

Participation groups

A Participation Group is a public or community-led group that can be linked to a particular health and social care topic, service, organisation or geographical area.

Ideally, it will involve a good mix of people that reflects the diversity of the community. Members provide a public, service user or carer perspective on the health and social care services that are offered to the community. It is good practice for health and social care staff to also be part of the group, as this will enable service providers and users to work together.

One example of a Participation Group is a Patient Participation Group which is a patient-led group linked to a general practice. Here patients and practice staff work together for the benefit of the practice and the population it serves.

What are PPGs?

These patient-led group, linked to a local general practice, work alongside GPs and practice staff to provide a patient perspective on healthcare services that are offered to the community.

About PPGs About PPGs

Map of PPGs

Our interactive map shows which GP practices in Scotland currently have a Patient Participation Group.


What do PPGs do?

We surveyed Patient Participation Groups across Scotland to find out how they operate

Mapping PPGs Mapping PPGs

Participation Group Start-Up Guide

The start-up guide will help health and social care providers, service users, carers, communities and members of the public who want to set up an effective Participation Group.

Start-Up Guide Start-Up Guide

PPG Start-Up Guide

Our Start-up Guide for General Practice will help GP practices improve how they engage with local communities by setting up a Patient Participation Group.

PPG Start-Up Guide PPG Start-Up Guide

PPG Development Tool

Our PPG Development Tool will help existing Patient Participation Groups think about how they can contribute effectively to the work of their general practice.

PPG Development Tool PPG Development Tool

Case Studies

Patient Participation Group (PPG) members describe the difference that their groups have made.

PPG Case Studies PPG Case Studies
Last Updated: 9 September 2021